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Friday, June 20, 2008

Memo to Antonio Henton: Leaving OSU is a bad choice

Multiple media outlets, including The Columbus Dispatch, are reporting that Antonio Henton is in the process of transferring to Georgia Southern, a Div IAA school that would allow him immediate eligibility for playing time. While I sympathize with Henton in wanting to play, I believe such a move is very short-sighted in the long run.

Before people start firing off on how Henton probably wants a fresh start after last year's off the field issues, and how he is from Georgia, consider this - if Antonio Henton goes through with this transfer, Ohio State will enter the 2008 season with no quarterbacks on its roster behind starter Todd Boeckman to have seen live game action. While I believe Joe Bauserman outplayed Antonio Henton in the spring game, I also suspect that the coaching staff would go to Antonio Henton in the event of an injury to Todd Boeckman.

Any high school player who is fortunate enough to be recruited by a Division 1 program needs to truly contemplate what a scholarship opportunity is: An opportunity to work towards a college degree for free, while also playing a game that they love. The bitter reality is life is full of continual competition - college coaches will continually look for players that are just as good if not better than the ones they have on the roster.

Any player on the Ohio State roster should view competition as a true method to perpetually improve themselves while also improving the team. I wish nothing but the best for Antonio Henton, whatever he decides, but I also hope he does not look back on his transfer from Ohio State with regret on not rising up to the occasion when the competition opportunity presented itself.

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