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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome From The Mind Of Minnich

At the suggestion of a good friend, I have started From The Mind Of Minnich ~ a scary place to occasionally frequent, but I can only assure you that it's much scarier if you are a permanent resident.

What are the topics that will be discussed in this blog? The primary topics will be Ohio State football, the NFL Draft, and random topics that frequent my thoughts but I can assure you that the primary focus will be football, as that is the topic that seems to dominate my thoughts more actively than others.

Only 158 days till the Michigan game,


Tim said...

Chip - LOVE the site! I will bring my camera tomorrow and we can snap a candid photo for your profile!

SRSeymour11 said...

Already my favorite blog

Mr. Minnich what do you think about the D-Line for the 2008 Buckeyes?

Chip Minnich said...

The Ohio State defensive line will be quick, athletic, and deep at the defensive end positions. Lawrence Wilson, who sustained a broken leg in the opening game of the season last year vs Youngstown State, should win one of the DE spots. Prior to Wilson's injury, Wilson was considered to be Ohio State's top defensive lineman. Considering the year Vernon Gholston had last season, that is quite a compliment.

The other DE spot will likely be manned by true sophomore Cameron Heyward. Heyward was pressed into full-time action due to not only Wilson's injury, but also an injury to DE Robert Rose. Like Wilson, Rose should be returning to the defensive line this coming season and in better health. Speculation about Rose is that he may slide into a DT spot, or split time between both DE and DT.

If I have a concern regarding the Ohio State defensive line, it would be at the DT positions. While the team has talent at the positions, Ohio State does not have a proven commodity in the style of players such as Tim Anderson or Quinn Pitcock. The projected starters of Doug Worthington and Todd Denlinger are both solid players who provide consistent effort, but are neither very massive in terms of weight (Worthington is listed at 271 lbs. and Denlinger is listed at 286 lbs.) or in athleticism. Considering the trouble Ohio State had versus Illinois last season, and the talented running backs that USC has available for the big September 13th game against Ohio State, this would be the potential red flag area for the Ohio State defensive line.

The not-so secret wild card in this equation for the Ohio State defensive line is DE Thaddeus Gibson. Gibson has moved from an OLB spot to a DE spot this spring and was the top selection in the Ohio State spring game draft. While the Ohio State spring draft is a fun event that Coach Tressel allows his seniors-to-be to conduct, in years past it is a sign that the top player or selection is usually a player that has been turning heads in spring practice and could be someone to watch out for in the following season.

Only 157 days till Michigan,