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Thursday, October 29, 2009

OSU/New Mexico State:Jim Tressel As Edward Longshanks For Halloween?

One of my all-time favorite movies is Braveheart. I have a personal copy of the movie, and will usually watch it whenever it is on when I am flipping channels at night.

In the spirit of Halloween, and looking ahead to this week’s Ohio State/New Mexico State game on Saturday afternoon in Ohio Stadium, I believe Jim Tressel could possibly play the role of Edward Longshanks against the Aggies. Let me explain how this analogy could work ~

Remember the scene where William Wallace is captured and turned over to the English, to be “purified through pain” under the order of Longshanks? This is the role New Mexico State will take in Ohio Stadium, beginning at 12pm EST. I believe New Mexico State will be pure as the driven snow by the time this game concludes. This game could get ugly quickly. I have a feeling this game could resemble the 1996 home opener for Ohio State against Rice, when Ohio State won 70-7.

Another of Longshanks’ moves in Braveheart was to send all of the reserves into battle, knowing the battle was won for the English. Looking ahead to Saturday’s game, I believe Ohio State fans will have an opportunity to see the following walk-on players throughout the second half of the game:

Quarterback – Justin Siems

Tailback – Joe Gantz, K.C. Christian, Bo DeLande

Fullback – James Georgiades

Wide Receiver – Ricky Crawford, Ryan Schuck, Joe Cech, Tony Harlamert

Tight End – Spencer Smith

Offensive Guard – Chris Malone, Scott Sika

Center – Andrew Moses

Defensive Tackle – Don Matheney, Jon Lorenz

Defensive End – Tom Ingham, Stewart Smith

Linebacker – Tony Jackson

Cornerback – Taylor Rice

Safety – Nate Ebner

Kicker – Devin Barclay

While I respect what Coach Tressel stated earlier this week about using this game against New Mexico State as an opportunity to improve and get better, I also believe this is a perfect opportunity to reward all of the young men on the squad who toil in relative anonymity for Ohio State football. Here is an opportunity to give every one of these young men a chance to play in Ohio Stadium in an actual game, in front of what should be a decent sized crowd.

Well, if Coach Tressel does not want to play the role of Edward Longshanks on Halloween against New Mexico State, maybe he can make sure the Aggies get some decent goodies in their bag for their trip home to Las Cruces.

Prediction: Ohio State 42, New Mexico State 3

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cardrunners said...

I have seen footage of Sullinger on several recruiting websites, and he seems like he is an All-American caliber player with a very bright future ahead of him.