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Monday, November 2, 2009

Can Terrelle Pryor Silence The Roar Of Penn State's Nittany Lions?

Ohio State fans anticipated the November 7th contest against Penn State to be a night game, until The Big Ten announced its clause of no night games in the month of November. While Ohio State fans may believe that having a 3:30pm EST kickoff will make it easier, I would argue that any time Ohio State goes into Beaver Stadium it can be a challenging experience.

Now let us throw another gasoline-soaked log onto the proverbial fire. When QB Terrelle Pryor signed with Ohio State instead of Penn State in 2008, the following were Pryor's quoted comments that "Penn State isn't the place for me. It's just not. I don't like the area. It's country-looking. I just don't like that place.".

Considering the struggles Terrelle Pryor has had on the field this season, one would think Jim Tressel will do what he can to restrict media access to Pryor going into what is the biggest game for both teams. Pryor has already provided bulletin board material for this season and seasons beyond against Penn State- there is little reason to keep stoking that fire between now and Saturday afternoon.

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