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Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Moeller: On 6th year, nickel back, etc

From The Columbus Dispatch 'Blogging The Buckeyes'…

Spoke with Tyler Moeller a little while ago, and he was fired up and ready to go. He wants so badly to talk about the whole punch-trial ordeal, but he's been advised to wait until after his assailant, Ralph Gray Decker, has been sentenced in August.

But he did speak freely about his impending return to football. Some of this will be in the paper tomorrow, but here are the highlights:

-- He got a CT scan last week and it came back clear. He will have another CT scan after preseason camp is complete, and another halfway through the year. If all those are OK, that's the end of his scans and he's good to go.

The scan was like his eighth, he said. He said he walks into the office, "and the receptionist says, `Hi, Tyler' they know me by first name now."

-- The Moeller family has had to pay for all the scans, medical stuff, etc. Per NCAA rules, because it was not a football-related injury, OSU cannot pay. This is why the Moeller family is going after Decker for restitution, obviously.

-- He says he feels "completely fine. I don't even have any pain where the (incisions) were in my head. The only thing is I'm out of shape a little bit still. I almost passed out couple times, because I was trying to run as much as I used to."

-- Looking ahead to the first day of full contact this August, he said, "I'm anxious a little bit that `Am I going to be fine?' but it's not something I'm thinking about. Really, I'm anxious to get it all (behind) and be where I was. I haven't played in so long, I want to show everyone what I can do."

-- On his position:

"Right now, I'm working with the safeties full time, and I'm happy about that. I know I can play it, I just need to work a little more on the mental aspect, because when I'm confident, I play good. I'm at nickel back. Jermale (Hines) is full-time at safety. I'm 100 percent confident I can play this position, I know every single play."

He said Nate Oliver and Jamie Wood also are working at the "Star" spot, which is what OSU calls its nickel back.

-- As the Dispatch reported when Decker pleaded guilty a few weeks ago, Moeller definitely plans to seek a 6th year of eligibility from the NCAA, as a medical redshirt.

"I can't see why they wouldn't give it to me," he said. "I lost a whole year, I don't see how they couldn't."

Moeller said the OSU compliance officers have told him he cannot apply for the 6th year until his eligibility is up, though. So he will go through this year and take part in all the normal senior activities, just in case.

If he gets his 6th year, then, he could be running across the Ohio Stadium turf again on Senior Day 2011....the senior that won't leave?

"Nobody will cheer for me," he joked.

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