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Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Thoughts From The Mind Of Minnich

It was brought to my attention by my cousin John that some people (named Stef up in Grand Rapids, MI) would prefer that my blog be more of my own thoughts, versus the occasional posting of good college football articles. I will try to remember this Stef - by the way, I will see you next month at THE GAME, I believe.

Here are some quick, random thoughts on the state of affairs at Ohio State currently ~

  • I have never been a fan of the BCS and never will be. I am curious for any ardent Ohio State fan to be able to tell me how to defend a system like the BCS when Wisconsin, who soundly defeated Ohio State head-to-head, will possibly wind up behind Ohio State in the BCS standings at the end of the season if they both win out. And believe me, I am a big proponent of using computers for rankings, but there should be some type of head-to-head equation in there that rewards teams for those games, and not just a strength of schedule component as is supposedly the case with Wisconsin and Ohio State.

  • Just like I wrote last week, and I will write again when I write up a preview of the Ohio State/Minnesota game later this week, all Ohio State fans need to cheer for the Iowa Hawkeyes against Michigan State this weekend. This is Michigan State's last big challenge ~ yes, I know Michigan State is going to Penn State the last week of the season, but I believe Michigan State will defeat the Nittany Lions in that game. Ohio State fans' best chance of a share of the title with Michigan State is probably this weekend with the Iowa/Michigan State game.

  • If Michigan State runs the table, they will probably wind up in the Rose Bowl. Considering the BCS Championship Game is going to be in Glendale this year, I believe the Fiesta Bowl will wind up with the last selection of the at-large teams. The Fiesta Bowl gets the Big XII champion if the team is not one of the top two, and it appears highly unlikely that will be the case. If Ohio State runs the table as all Buckeye fans hope, could Ohio State wind up playing against future Big Ten member Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl?

  • Besides watching Michigan State and Iowa this weekend, another key game to at least keep an eye on (or be looking for the scrolling scoreboard at the bottom of the TV) will be Oregon and USC. USC is ineligible for a bowl game, and is two last-second field goals from being undefeated. Last year, Oregon completely embarrassed USC. This game against Oregon is arguably USC's bowl game. People in the Midwest will get to watch Ohio State/Minnesota on ABC, but I am hoping ABC will do a good job of keeping me in the loop on that one, as I believe it could be a shootout.

  • John, thank you again for the great tickets and hospitality last weekend.

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