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Monday, November 22, 2010

A Look Back At 2002 Ohio State/Michigan

My first Ohio State/Michigan game was highly memorable. I left Avon Lake for Columbus at 5:45am and knew the parking was going to be a challenge when Rt 315 was backed up on the highway way before any of the exits.

When John Navarre dropped back to pass from the 30 yard line on the final play, it was directly in front of my seat, so I literally watched Navarre drop back, and followed his pass all the way until it was intercepted by Will Allen...

I recall my cousin John and my Uncle John forbade me from talking about The Fiesta Bowl prior to the game. After the game, when I went back to the tailgate spot to meet back up with them, the first thing I asked them when I saw them was, "Can we talk about The Fiesta Bowl now?!?"

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