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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Has Not Been Good To Jim Delany

I have sometimes heard people who state they cannot wait until December is over. The holiday season, as well as all of the various activities associated with the holidays, can make December a very hectic month.

Based on the events of the past few weeks, I am surmising that Jim Delany of the Big Ten is one of those people who cannot wait for 2010 to end and 2011 to begin. Think about the events of the past month for Jim Delany ~

First, Jim Delany had to deal with the annual BCS firestorm of criticism - yes, I know, Delany deserves that, as he is arguably the only person in America who believes the BCS is good for college football. Little did Delany know that the BCS' computer rankings were going to have issues that helped to hurt the BCS' already shaky credibility.

Delany then embarrassed himself in New York City, alongside other college football commissioners, with statements that sounded like a petulant child who threatened to take his ball and go home. Maybe he should have worked this phrase into his little rant in New York City.

Mr. Delany actually used the phrase "BCS defense fatigue" - Mr. Delany, do you really think college football fans feel sorry for you?

Making a bad situation even worse, Delany unveiled the Big Ten's new division names to an incredulous fan base. Legends And Leaders? It took six months to come up with those names?!? To quote Adam Rittenberg of's reaction- "Meh".

Confounding the new division names is a new conference logo that leaves much to be desired. What was wrong with the old logo that already had a version with a "12" imposed into it?!?

Finally, Jim Delany gave in to the social pressures of making sure everyone gets a trophy by creating eighteen new trophies. Eighteen! I can understand a coach of the year, an offensive player of the year, a defensive player of the year...Is there a Big Ten fan out there who really cares about the Eddleman-Fields Punter of the Year trophy?!?

The Big Ten has been targeted for ridicule by college football fans as playing inferior football ever since Ohio State was destroyed by Florida in the 2007 BCS Championship Game. Now their arrogant leader has simply opened up the floodgates with one gaffe after another this month.

As an Ohio State fan, I can only hope Jim Delany begins 2011 better than he is finishing 2010.

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