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Thursday, February 3, 2011

[Columbus Dispatch] ~ Blogging The Buckeyes - Siciliano: Pryor should get his job back

Found this interesting. Not entirely surprising to me, but should still be worth keeping an eye on for next fall, if Ohio State is undefeated going into the Nebraska game on October 8th.

I will post my thoughts on the 2011 recruiting class sometime in the next day or so. Supposedly, Cleveland JFK recruit Chris Carter, Jr. is not going to be charged and may sign with Ohio State today. And there are also rumors of an Illinois offensive lineman who may visit this coming weekend.

For any of you wondering if Terrelle Pryor's starting job is in jeopardy after his five-game NCAA suspension expires, here's your answer:

Probably not.

Quarterbacks coach Nick Siciliano told me last week that, in his opinion, nothing that happens between now and Oct. 8 -- Game No. 6 for OSU this fall -- should keep Pryor from regaining his spot.

Pryor is 31-4 as a starter. He holds the OSU record for rushing yards by a QB, and is tied with Bob Hoying for most career touchdown passes (57).

There has been much speculation that if someone shines in Pryor's absence (and most people believe freshman Braxton Miller is the most likely someone) , that it might be tough to sit that player back down when the suspension is over.

This should dampen that speculation:

Siciliano compared the situation to that faced by the Pittsburgh Steelers this season, when quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was suspended for the first four games.

"We have a recent example of a quarterback missing some time, and then taking his team to the Super Bowl when he got his job back," Siciliano said. "I would foresee (Pryor) getting his job back. That's just my opinion right now."

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