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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

[Ivan Maisel of]: Tressel knew of gear sales in April

I respect Ivan Maisel of ESPN, and he wrote what I have been saying all along today. Show me the proof, and then we'll see what the consequences will be. Using an unnamed source as the basis of the story begs for that unnamed source to come forward with evidence.

Looking forward to tonight at 7pm…

Feed: - Big Ten Blog
Posted on: Tuesday, March 08, 2011 12:01 PM
Author: Ivan Maisel
Subject: Report: Tressel knew of gear sales in April

Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, teasingly or not, is known as "The Senator" for his stately carriage and general attitude. And we learned long ago in Washington that it's often the cover-up, not the transgression, which brings us to the story.

According to a Yahoo! Sports report on Monday, Tressel was informed that some of his players had sold memorabilia more than eight months before the school said it was made aware of the violations.

Ohio State did not immediately respond -- and there's no reason for Ohio State to immediately respond. That is, unless the source of the story has physical evidence that demands to be answered.

If it comes down to a war of words, Ohio State is likely to believe its longtime coach and defend him against any inquiry by the NCAA. Don't expect to hear a lot from athletic director Gene Smith. As a member of the NCAA Men's Basketball Committee, Smith is a little busy this week.

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