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Sunday, October 30, 2011

So Happy To Say That My Winning Streak In Ohio Stadium Remains Intact!

I must confess - I went into last evening's contest between Ohio State and Wisconsin believing Ohio State would come out on the losing end, 24-14. I felt Ohio State would battle, but Wisconsin would have too much for the Buckeyes.

What made me truly despondent was I was attending the game with my brother-in-law Kevin and my cousin John, and I had never experienced a loss in Ohio Stadium. I have witnessed many classic games, going back to 1983, and have never left the stadium after an Ohio State loss.

I can proudly say that my winning streak remains intact, thanks to the miraculous play of Braxton Miller with only thirty seconds remaining. The pass Miller launched seemed to defy the laws of gravity, hanging in the air for what seemed an eternity, before Devin Smith caught it for the deciding touchdown.

The 2002 Ohio State/Michigan game, which sent Ohio State to the national championship game, still ranks as my all-time favorite game I have witnessed in Ohio Stadium. Last night's contest ranks second, and will always be remembered for its wild and unforeseen finish (John, thanks again for the great tickets).

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