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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Savoring The Streak Over "That Team Up North": A Look Back At 2006

The 2006 battle between Ohio State and Michigan was the first time ever between these two storied programs where they were ranked # 1 and #2. At stake was not only The Big Ten conference championship, but also a berth to the 2007 BCS Championship Game. Ohio State built a commanding first half lead, and held on for a close victory, 42-39. In this game, Ohio State QB Troy Smith played brilliantly to ensure he would win the 2006 Heisman Trophy.

Overshadowing the game only one day before was the unexpected death of former Michigan head coach Bo Schembechler. Schembechler's loss would loom large not only on this game, but in the subsequent years following, as turmoil seemed to engulf Michigan's athletic department following his death. One could surmise that Lloyd Carr's retirement, as well as selection of successor, may have been entirely different had Bo Schembechler been there to make sure a "Michigan Man" was going to be in charge of the program Schembechler so carefully built.

The game truly came down to the final moments. Out of many big plays, fewer were as big as this one by Buckeye RB Antonio Pittman:

For a recap of one of the greatest games in the history of this rivalry, please click on the link below, courtesy of

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