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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The New BCS - Airfare alone is at least $1500

With the news by Jim Delany and The Big Ten that on-campus sites would not be considered for the upcoming playoff system, I wanted to investigate what this would mean for fans across The Big Ten.  I realize that Ohio State is ineligible for postseason play, but I wanted to get an idea as to what Mr. Delany, Gene Smith, and other Big Ten athletic directors are seriously asking of their fans with their new proposal to include The Rose Bowl as part of the playoff system.

Today is May 17, 2012.  Using Expedia, I selected Indianapolis as my first destination.  I live in the Cleveland area, and yes, I would probably drive from Cleveland to Indianapolis, but I wanted to get an idea on airfare. 

Let's suppose I want to go to the Rose Bowl.  Traveling frequently for work, I know that it is less expensive to fly in and out of LAX, versus the Burbank airport that is closer to Pasadena, home of the Rose Bowl...

My picture I have attached clips off the bottom portion of the LA flight that would require someone to leave directly after the Rose Bowl to catch a red eye...

Of course, my Big Ten is hypothetically in the running for the national championship.  This year, the national championship is being played in Miami on January 7, 2013...

For those of you keeping score at home, that is $405.60 + $666.80 + $481.60 for a grand total of $1554.00.  I have deliberately purchased tickets at lower cost via Expedia, flying in and out of these locations the day before, as well as the day after. 

Even more importantly...I have not purchased tickets, a hotel to stay at, or food.  And this is May - what do you think these costs will be in December, when fans are trying to find flights during the holiday season?  Does anyone within the athletic leadership of The Big Ten truly believe fans will travel to all of these games?  Does anyone care that the fans, who have been clamoring for a playoff system, have been shut out in the name of preserving a tradition that most cannot afford to attend?

I will be sending this post to Mr. Smith, as well as Mr. Delany, for their thoughts on this issue.  I will let you know when, or if, I hear back from them.  For my two cents, this idea makes the naming of the divisions Legends and Leaders seem brilliant by comparison.

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