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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Response From OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith Re: Playoffs

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the financial difficulties the average fan would have under the proposed playoff format.  I also wrote how I was going to contact both Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith, as well as Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany with this information.

To his credit, Mr. Smith e-mailed me back.  Below are his comments.  Enjoy...

Thank you for your email. Sorry it has taken some time to get back to you. Appreciate the hard work you put together.

I prefer home sites and so do my colleagues in the Big Ten. Our challenge is we are alone in that position and cannot get the votes necessary to make it happen. Therefore, we have to replenish what is lost and look for what we can gain throughout this process of exploration for how the playoff will be formatted and where. We were the only conference proposing on site contests, and no one else supported it.

I again appreciate your work and support of college football. These negotiations are complex and sensitive. In the end, there will be things we like and things we do not like because our membership is so diverse and we strive to find a happy medium .

Thanks, gene

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