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Friday, December 7, 2012

"How Dumb Is Chip?!?"

Tonight Ohio State will honor the 2012 football team for its undefeated record.  The event is sold out, and I will be anxious to see if this will have a positive effect on the many recruits in attendance.

Facebook posted a picture from about ten years ago, after Ohio State won the national championship.  Ohio State sponsored an outdoor event in Ohio Stadium on January 18, 2013, honoring the team.

My cousin John and I were among the many attendees who braved the bitter cold.  As the picture states, it was below zero.

A humorous anecdote from the event...

John lives in the Columbus area, and was talking to a friend about how he was going to attend this event, back in January 2003.  Knowing how cold the event was going to be, John's friend said something to the effect that John had to be dumb to go to sit outside for such an event.

John then proceeded to tell his friend, "Well, my cousin Chip lives up in the Cleveland area, and he is driving down to Columbus for this.  If I am dumb to go to this, then how dumb is Chip?!?"

Very valid question.

Hope everyone has a great weekend...

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