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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Quick Thoughts On Ohio State's 2013 Recruiting Class

First and foremost, congratulations to Coach Urban Meyer, the Ohio State coaching staff, recruiting support staff, and everyone else involved in the 2013 recruiting class.  I hope each of them are enjoying a cold beverage tonight for a job well-done, and I hope they all get a good night's sleep, as I doubt any of them have in the days leading up to today.

I have said before, and today is no exception, that I truly do not concern myself in terms of overall recruiting rankings.  Please do not  misunderstand me - I want Ohio State to have top recruits, as I believe just about any other college football fan wants their respective teams to have top recruits.  I certainly understand that having top talent is an essential ingredient in order to win and compete and the highest level.

I simply do not stress about if a player is a five, four, three star, as evaluated by,, or  I truly believe that Coach Meyer, as Coach Tressel did before him, have done their respective due diligence on a player, before offering them a scholarship to Ohio State. 

More importantly, I am always curious to find out which other programs are going after the same player.  Finding out that incoming freshman safety Vonn Bell was heavily recruited by Alabama and Tennessee gives me a good barometer of what other highly-valued programs think of this young man's potential.  Same for just about all of the other players who signed with Ohio State today.

My biggest concern for 2013's recruiting class?  Not enough offensive linemen.  Even Coach Meyer acknowledged today that offensive line will have to be of the highest emphasis for 2014's recruiting class, as the Buckeyes will lose four starters after next season.

I will be posting more about Ohio State's 2013 recruiting class in the next day or so, but I will say that I am anxious to see incoming freshman safety Darron Lee on the field.  Considering Lee earned his scholarship through stellar performances in Ohio State's summer recruiting camps, and played a little of everything in high school, I am curious to see how well and quickly he transitions to playing for Ohio State.

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