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Friday, November 29, 2013

Ann Arbor = Absolutely Arrogant

Welcome to Black Friday.  For those of you like me who prefer the comforts of a warm home, leftovers, and quality college football the day after Thanksgiving, I have some quick thoughts to share regarding That Team Up North.

Most college football fans are familiar with the traditional Associated Press, or AP, poll used to rank teams throughout the season.  The AP poll began crowning a national champion following the 1936 season.  Below is an image of the recognized AP national champions.  You will note how Ohio State is recognized by the AP poll with four national championships, while That Team Up North is recognized for having two since the AP poll began in 1936.  For those who may have forgotten, 1997 was actually a split national championship, between Nebraska and That Team Up North, as both teams went undefeated but were denied the opportunity to play each other, in the pre-BCS era.

If you listen to That Team Up North, their number is a little different...

Essentially, That Team Up North claims national championships before there was such an idea as to having a poll.  You know that whole, "champions of the West" idea?  They could claim that, because they claim national championships from years when there were literally no other programs to the West that were even playing college football at the time.

Another area that is tremendously galling to me is how many fans of That Team Up North refuse to acknowledge or accept how legendary coach Bo Schembechler loved and respected Coach Woody Hayes.  Schembechler repeatedly stated in his books and interviews how he built and developed That Team Up North to compete against Ohio State.  Fortunately, John Bacon, author of the outstanding book "Bo's Lasting Lessons", is not one of those individuals.

Michael Citro of wrote why he has hatred for That Team Up North very eloquently.  Ann Arbor, home of absolute arrogance.  I believe the song below sums it up beautifully...

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