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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Thoughts On James Franklin To Penn State...From A Penn State Perspective

Later this afternoon, Penn State will have a press conference, welcoming new head football coach James Franklin to Penn State.  Franklin arrives from Vanderbilt, compiling a record of 24-15 over three seasons (2011-2013).

While I believe this hire may be the best choice for Penn State, I was curious as to how someone from the Penn State point of view may be interpreting this hire.  Fortunately, I work with a proud Penn State alum named Ed McQuiston, who graciously offered me his thoughts on this hire by Penn State...

"Well, to be honest I am mixed.


GREAT recruiter. Solid success rate at Vandy in SEC. No tougher place to coach/play. You can win there, you have to like chances at PSU.

Table’s set. Great class last year at PSU. Great class lined up for this year if he can keep.

He may be able to supplement this year’s class as some of his verbals for Vandy are talking about following him; could be a huge boost.

PA guy. Recruiting ties to area from time at Maryland.

If he can coach the caliber of kids he should now be able to get, will be great hire.


Did we get another Bill O’Brien that sees this as a stepping stone job. Young guy, lots of upside, did we just put ourselves in a vicious cycle of coaching searches again in 2-3 years. Is that our new norm?

Losses amongst current staff from Bill O’Brien raiding the staff. Can Franklin hang on to Larry Johnson, holdover from Paterno, and legend at PSU. Johnson is huge in the recruiting game and a must keep. Don’t know if Franklin can after PSU passes Johnson over again.

This potential issue with the rape case at Vandy last year and whether that could come back and be a real issue for Franklin. With what happened at PSU 2 years ago, that could be catastrophic if they hired a guy who did ANYTHING wrong in that case.


I worry that we got a job jumper who will do amazing when he’s here, but will be gone in 2-3 years.

11 schools in 19 years.

I think he will bring us another great 2-3 recruiting classes. We will have top 10 talent across roster when sanctions are done. And we will then have to find a new coach to take care of them.

So, I’m psyched for his time at PSU, but as a guy who had one coach his whole life until 2 years ago, I would have liked to see them get somebody who talked about wanting to be here for a lifetime."


A big thanks to Ed for his thoughts and views on the hiring of James Franklin at Penn State. I believe Ed raises a lot of good ideas, as well as potentially concerns,  with the hiring of James Franklin by Penn State.

Below are some tweets that I believe best summarize my thoughts on the hiring, from an Ohio State fan's perspective.  The B1G Conference, especially the new East Division, just became much tougher and better...

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