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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Special Edition Podcast: Talking With "The King" On Men Of The Scarlet And Gray

I have to give many props to my co-host podcasting ally Shannon Sommers.  Shannon contacted Bill King, to see if Bill would have any interest in being a guest on our Men of the Scarlet and Gray podcast.  We were both excited when Bill replied affirmatively.

For those of you who may not know, Bill King is a national radio host, based out of Nashville, TN.  From 2005-2014, Bill had a show that ran on Sirius XM.  Presently, Bill is hosting a show for WNSR from 7-9am CST.  If you have never listened to his show, you are missing out, as Bill regularly has guests on to talk about all things college sports, especially college football and recruiting.

Shannon and I had the opportunity to talk about Ohio State football, the SEC, and some of Bill's other passions, such as brisket and Natural Light.  We had some laughs, and had a tremendous time.

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