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Thursday, August 11, 2016

No Need For OSU To Feel Defensive About Playing These True Freshmen

On August 7th, Ohio State began their fall camp.  While expectations are always high for Ohio State football, what type of expectations await the true freshmen who will be Buckeyes?  Considering how young Ohio State is across the board, are there any true freshmen who will possibly be able to make an impact?

On defense, Ohio State has several options.  Some of these players' names will not surprise you, as Buckeye fans have been hearing about some of these names since February, when the players signed their letters of intent with Ohio State.

Let us begin with the defensive freshman who has fairly, or unfairly, been the focal point of the 2016 recruiting class ever since he committed to Ohio State - Nick Bosa.  Bosa is coming off a knee injury that ended his high school career, and Ohio State has pledged to not rush Bosa into the lineup.  That being said, below are some points being made about Nick Bosa that should excite Ohio State fans as the 2016 season approaches...

Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer has never struck me as being a very patient man.  I believe it will be extremely difficult to remain patient with Nick Bosa, especially when the talent Bosa possesses is staring Coach Meyer and Coach Johnson in the face every day at practice.  Bosa may not start, but look for Bosa to be in the rotation along the defensive line a lot this season.

Linebacker is not a position of need for Ohio State this season.  With Raekwon McMillan returning, and players such as Chris Worley and Dante Booker ready to contribute at the outside linebacker positions, the idea of not playing some of the true freshmen at linebacker must have crossed Coach Meyer's mind, right?  Think again...

Lastly, I am going to name Jordan Fuller from the secondary as a probable true freshman who can make an impact this season for Ohio State.  Fuller was recruited as a cornerback, but has also been receiving practice time at safety.  Fuller is too good of a player, and the Ohio State secondary inexperienced at three positions, that it makes sense that Fuller will get some playing time at various points this coming season.

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